The Joyride Skating Rink in Stuart, NE is a roller rink built by a local family

The Joyride Skating Rink in Stuart, NE

How often do you get to make your dream a reality? Michele Meusch loved roller skating when she was younger and felt Stuart, Nebraska needed more things for families to do.

So, she and her family built a roller rink.

"My family took me roller skating a few years back and we had such a great time but it was such a long drive. It was two and a half hours in the car to go skating for two hours then drive back two and two and a half hours," said owner, Michele Meusch.

After the trip Michele thought that someone should build a roller rink in the town. It wasn't long before she proposed to her family. Why not us?

"When she first brought the idea up we all were like are you serious?" said daughter Jade Meusch.

"I would ask the kids because I love kids. Do you like to go roller skating? They would look at me like I was from mars. The parents would go nuts and say they used to go roller skating all of the time so that was the cue for me," said Michele Meusch.

After looking over a few location options they decided her dream could become a reality inside a previous Cobb Motors car dealership building.

"And when we talked with the owners to purchase the building they were so gracious. When we told them we were going to do a roller skating rink they really gave us a great deal on the property and were so supportive," said Michele Meusch.

It has been a huge family project from the start. They did the majority of the work themselves.

"We were very fortunate. My husband does a great job as far as doing the work. We put our own blood, sweat and tears, money, time and energy into it," said Michele Meusch.

"Going from a car dealership to a roller skating rink is a big change. Everything is different," said Jade Meusch.

They have got some more work to do on the outside so that it looks a little bit more like a roller rink and a little less like a car dealership but that is not affecting the fun that they are having on the inside.

"This has been a great thing for the community. We come down here on the weekend and it's pretty full and kids are having fun," said Stacey Stracke.

"I just love skating it is so much fun. It gives you a lot of energy. It is a fun place to hang out with your friends," said Callie Pulis.

"You just get to have fun and bring your family and friends and just have fun," said Klaire Ramm.

"I never ever learned how to skate until the middle of August I think around then when they opened and I came and I liked it," said Emma Peterson.

This place certainly brings back memories of birthday parties and school functions when I was a kid.

Kathryn and Tudy Shald agree. They come regularly just to watch. Kathryn used to skate a lot in Atkinson when she was younger.

"It's such a wonderful place for the children to spend time. It's educational. It is an improvement for the town," said Kathryn Shald.

"It is completely amazing and a fun place to be and to work. I don't really work here I don't get paid but it's totally fun to be here," said Jade Meusch.

"We play games and they are just laughing and having a good time. We just love it. It brings families together. That is my job, I have the best job ever," said Michele Meusch.

If you are interested in skating just check out their website to see their hours of operation.

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