'The Nebraska Hymn' still played 50 years after being considered as state song

'The Nebraska Hymn' was written by Arlys Torrey back in the mid-1900's.

For about 50 years, a Nebraska native has been playing a song that is near and dear to her heart, as well as the state.

The song was even submitted for Nebraska's 100th anniversary.

'The Nebraska Hymn' was written by 89-year-old Arlys Torrey back in the mid-1900's at her kitchen table in Dawson County.

It was once submitted to the Nebraska Legislature in 1967 to be considered as the official Nebraska state song.

"Always thought, I wonder why we do not have a song about Nebraska, and I thought it should be easy to sing," said Torrey.

Torrey said "The Nebraska Hymn" as a poem, that she later put to music.

"I prayed to the Lord, give me a song and surprisingly enough, the song just came into my head," she said.

"The Nebraska Hymn" was one of the 17 songs entered as bills before the legislature to be considered as the official Nebraska State song.

"The judge came to me after they made a decision and she said they did not select your song because it is about God," Torrey said.

Despite that setback, Arlys continued to share "The Nebraska Hymn" with people and the words continue to leave a lasting impact.

"To leave a legacy, we can leave it through the work that we do," said Brian Jenkins who is a friend of Torrey's. "We can leave it through the arts that we leave behind, which in this case in a song, but we also leave a legacy through our faith and Arlys has done that beautifully in this song."

The Nebraska Hymn has been made into records and played on the radio.

Torrey hopes it's a song that people in Nebraska will be honored to sing along with.

"I'm happy that it glorifies the Lord, and that it glorifies Nebraska," Torrey said.

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