Tiede's Second-Hand and Antiques to close at the end of the year

Tiede's Second-Hand and Antiques

The owners of Tiede's Second-Hand and Antiques have decided to retire at the end of the year.

For this edition of Guide to the Good Life I visited with Karl and Beulah Tiede about their 46 years in business.

They certainly have mixed emotions about closing, but have decided that it is time to slow down a little bit.

"I started it in June of 1973 because I worked full time and wanted to be home with our family," said Beulah Tiede.

"We started in Lexington out of a two–car garage then I built a Chief Building which was a 38 by 48 building. In 1990 I bought the middle building here and we moved down here," said Karl Tiede.

As the business grew in Overton they bought the buildings on each side and just kept expanding.

"It is a good business to be in but it's a lot of work. Any business that makes money you have got to work at it," said Karl Tiede.

"I work 6 days a week here at least here," said Beulah Tiede.

So what do they all have at Tiede's? It might take less time to tell you what they don't have.

"Everything that people have in their house we deal in. It's from brand new stuff to antiques," said Karl Tiede.

"They always have a large variety of stuff. I have known them forever and I think a lot of them," said customer, Leif Ostram.

"They have everything, things you don't even know you need until you see them," said customer, Pam Vollmer.

"It's overwhelming when you first walk in because you have so many places to go and so many choices to choose from. It's just like a big treasure hunt," said customer, Linda Meyer.

"I love the glass wear. I like that they have a wide variety of things. I like older items that are well made," said Cindee Haddix.

Since they announced their retirement in early November and made everything 50% off, business has been brisk.

"The last five Saturday's have been unreal. We could not keep up," said Beulah Tiede.

One of their biggest selections of items here are their books. They estimate they still have 60 to 70,000 books available.

For right now the two are just concentrating on the next month of business.

"We are going to close by the end of the year and from there we will decide how we are going to disperse if no one has bought the business," said Beulah Tiede.

"She tells me the first of the year we are going to plan B. She hasn't told me what plan B is yet. We might actually have an auction," said Karl Tiede.

And as for what they will both miss most?

"The people and the books those are the two things," said Beulah Tiede.

"I don't know. I will miss something to do. (laugh) I will miss the dealing in furniture a little. I am going fishing mostly. I won't miss much then," said Karl Tiede.

You still have plenty of time to stop by before they close.

They will be open every Saturday until the end of the year and everything in the store will remain 50% off.

The store it is easy to find right on Highway 30 in Overton.

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