Video of Columbus woman and son goes viral

While at home, Ryker did something pretty hilarious and clever and his mom Rachel caught it on video.

COLUMBUS, Neb. — Rachel Sabata has a one year old son, Ryker Sabata.

While at home, Ryker's mom said he did something hilarious and clever and that she caught on video.

"He doesn't usually share his binky so I did that just to see what he would do and he actually shared it with me," said Sabata.

Sabata said it is a hit or miss when it comes to getting funny videos of Ryker.

She said she did not expect the video to get so much attention.

"It was like a big hit on that group so I just put it on my Facebook to what would happen and yeah it went viral really fast," Sabata said.

Ryker has a spunky personality.

"He's pretty ornery and were going through our terrible two's right now, but he's very loving and he's always giving everyone hugs and kisses and he's just a happy little boy," she said.

Sabata said she did get some mixed feedback from people who viewed her video. She said some of it was not nice.

"Too old for a binky. A lot of people thought it was mean what I was doing, but whatever," Sabata said.

She says she is thankful for times like the one she caught on camera. Something she will always remember.

"I get to enjoy all these moments. You know, I get to see it all so it's awesome," Sabata said.

Since Rachel and Ryker became famous on social media, she said she had to delete her Facebook page to block out bad responses.

Watch the full video of Rachel and Ryker below.

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