Wave rider still going strong at age 59

    Jeff Richardson on his Jet Ski.

    When you combine incredible knowledge of about everything mechanical with a person with very little fear of getting hurt... you get a man they call "Snuffy."

    Jeff “Snuffy” Richardson from Holdrege has raced just about everything in his life and loves to go fast.

    “Every time I start that thing up it gives you butterfly's almost. You just want to go,” said Jeff Richardson.

    Usually Richardson goes as fast as he can like he has since he was a kid when his Grandpa nicknamed him "Snuffy."

    “Snuffy was a little cartoon character in the Sunday papers. He was a hillbilly. Snuffy Smith was his name. He is always in mischief all the time. It stuck ever since,” said Richardson.

    Richardson started racing dirt bikes in 1975 and has collected a pile of trophies.

    He has raced about everything through his life. He has raced cars, go–carts, Motocross, which he actually still races, and of course jet skis.

    “My boat I bought it brand new in 2003, it is bone stock so I modified it and did all of the things myself. Stock is around 80 horse power and I produce over 130. It will go from zero to shy of 60 miles per hour in about 100 feet which really is fun,” said Richardson.

    One of the Jet Ski competitions he used to do was called “Freestyle” where you basically just show off and try to stay on the machine. These days friends are happy to watch him “Freestyle” for fun.

    “You get somebody that knows how to make a good roller for you can jump some wakes and do some tricks off of wakes.

    It is just like jumping a dirt bike. To me it is the same finesse to jump a jet ski.

    Riding a stand up jet ski works every part of your whole body. It works your arms your legs your back. It works everything.

    After a long day of riding actually the next day you feel better. I just love it,” said Richardson.

    Jeff does have a jet ski retirement plan, although it is a long way off.

    “I am going to ride it(the stand-up machine) until I can't walk any more then I am going to ride my sit–down(machine.)

    I am 59 now. Everybody says 59 going on 19 but I figure you never slow down you just keep going,” said Richardson.

    He said he has had no broken bones at all through all of his years of racing but has had his share of pulled muscles.

    He did have one hip replaced but that didn't slow him down very long.

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