Outdoor Files: Hunters helping feed the hungry


Good morning. We are in the middle of the 9 day firearm deer season in Nebraska, which ends Sunday the 19th. It’s a good time to remind hunters and perhaps acquaint others with a couple of venison programs.

Hunters Helping The Hungry is an an annual effort where hunters can take deer to designated meat processors around the state. The hunters do not pay for the processing unless they choose to contribute dollars. The program operates on dollars you and I, businesses and organizations donate. This pays for the meat processing and eventual distribution of that venison to Nebraskans in need. Learn how you can be part of this humanitarian effort online at

There is also a program called Deer Exchange. This program is designed to take care of the additional harvest of deer. It brings together hunters with a surplus of deer with folks willing to accept deer meet. Hunters and recipients work out the details of the transfer. The venison cannot be sold but recipients can pay for processing of the meat. This is an online meeting place, registration is free. To join, learn more about Deer Exchange and to view a participants list…again go online to

While at our website, consider investing in a lifetime hunt or fish permit as a Christmas gift for that young person. Get your own permits and stamps for the year 2018. Also, open up our calendar frequently to see a list of activities in the outdoors including our parks. Christmas décor tours begin at Arbor Lodge in Nebraska City this coming weekend and every weekend through December 23rd.

Until next week, I’m Ralph Wall reminding you time outdoors is time well spent.

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