Outdoor Files: New year fishing forecast on Nebraska waters


Good morning. My report today is for the birds. For over 100 years the National Audubon Society has conducted bird counts. This is important citizen science work.

Grab your binoculars and field guides and help out. These events are called Christmas Bird Counts. There are 15 across Nebraska this month. The first one is the 14th at Harlan County Reservoir, Lincoln has one the 16th, that same date at Indian Cave State Park. Look over the entire schedule of what is planned near you and the contact person at this website: noubirds.org noubirds.org

21 years ago, rock musician and passionate outdoorsman Ted Nugent hunted several days in northeast Nebraska. Our Game and Parks cameras shadowed his time afield pursuing pheasants, rabbits and deer. We spent over an hour interviewing him. I have edited all that down to a 16 minute video montage that you can watch. Typically, the media quotes Ted’s more colorful and strongly stated opinions. This video includes some of that but also the reasoning and foundation behind his ethics and philosophies. Go online to youtube to the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission page to find the video. Or when you get to youtube just search Ted Nugent Hunts Nebraska.

Around the first of the year, we annually publish and post online the new year fishing forecast on Nebraska waters. Biologist Darly Bauer is still assembling the data based on fall netting surveys, but offers up this bit of early information…

Daryl Bauer: Walleye are always popular with Nebraska anglers and looking forward to this next year Merritt should be really good for walleye, of course McConaughy is always good too. If you’re looking for a bunch of eating size fish, Winter’s Creek out in the panhandle should be pretty good again this year. For big walleye I’d look at McConaughy and don’t forget Elwood. And here in eastern Nebraska, Yankee Hill near Lincoln looks pretty good and even Youngman over in Omaha will offer up some 15 inch walleye this year.

Ralph: The full report in about 4 weeks. Until next week I’m Ralph Wall, reminding you time outdoors is time well spent.

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