Birthing pavilion jump starts conversations about ag

Birthing pavilion jump starts conversations about ag. (NTV News)

Families line up each day to check out the livestock birthing pavilion at the Nebraska State Fair.

The exhibit is hosted by the University of Nebraska School of Veterinary Medicine.

People who stop by are able to get an up-close view of the birthing process and see animals that are just days or even minutes old.

Something Beef Extension Veterinarian Richard Randle said it is a real treat for kids.

"It doesn't matter what species it is, they're all cute when they're first born," Randle said. "Between the lambs and the calves, the kids really get to watch a unique experience and get to talk about how babies act, how quick they stand."

Randle hopes the birthing pavilion will help families start conversations about the importance of agriculture in Nebraska.

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