Does my pet need eclipse glasses?

Does my pet need eclipse glasses? (NTV News)

People asked if their pets need special glasses for the solar eclipse.

It's a thing. My mom called last night to make sure I was going to bring our beloved pet inside during the big event or if I had eclipse glasses for the cat.

If you search on the web "does my pet need glasses for the eclipse" you'll find that many many people have this question.

Oh, there are people that will sell you solar specs for you pets, but are they necessary?

The answer is - nope.

Yes - animal eyes are just as fragile as humans - but lucky for us pet lovers, an animal instinctively knows not to stare at the sun. Why? Because it hurts. After all, your animal survived today didn't they? They don't know there's an eclipse going on. It's not like Fido has it marked on his paw pilot.

So no to glasses, but there here is a possible danger during the eclipse if you usually put your pet inside when it gets dark. To keep them safe from the critters of night, you should keep in mind that possums and raccoons may wander out during the eclipse.

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