The results are in: Keep squirrels away from pumpkins

The results are in: Keep squirrels away from pumpkins. (NTV News)

We conclude our investigation into a recent question on You Ask, NTV Answers: What can be done to keep squirrels away from pumpkins?

Last week, I started with 4 pumpkins. One, I put hairspray on - a lot of it.

And one week later - see how that pumpkin fared. Not bad. A few nibbles.

Next, I loaded one up with Tobasco sauce - and one week later - it's worked so far!

And then, cat hair - will that keep the squirrels away? And the answer is - yes! No joke! Look!

And finally - this pumpkin was the left bare. And a few days, see what happened. Then I got out some clear acrylic paint and I sprayed and sprayed and sprayed. See how that turned out!

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