What's with these swarms of butterflies?

Painted Lady Butterflies

Have you noticed an increase in swarms of insects along the highway? And sadly-have you had to clean them from your grill & windshield? What's the deal? And what are they?

They are called 'painted lady butterflies' and they are everywhere! I spoke with Ted Griess, a horticulturist with the Buffalo County Extension Office - and he said what we are seeing right now is a 'great population, an abundant crop' of these beautiful butterflies." Many people have taken notice because of their sheer numbers - and they are virtually unavoidable as you drive.

Right now the butterflies are migrating - usually it's the monarch migration that everyone talks about-but this year the painted ladies are making themselves known as they fly south.

P.S. If you're not too annoyed by them - they truly are lovely butterflies.

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