You Ask, NTV Answers: Midwest, but no Mideast?

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Nola Reed who wrote us a letter to ask:

"There is an east coast and a west coast. The Midwest is called even to Ohio. States east of the Mississippi should be called Mideast, and states west should be called Midwest. Why is it, why is there no Mideast?

NTV News sought advice from an oceanographer and lover of maps - and she said they don't look at those labels geographically - but instead historically. Imagine your compass dates from 1860. And at that time,the west coast as we know it now had not been discovered.

Just like Florida is "south" but you don't consider it part of "The South" do you? Same for California. That's not in the south.

That's because relatively speaking - those states are recent, coming well after the terms The South or Midwest were coined.

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