You Ask, NTV Answers: Sharing memories and condolences

(NTV News)

Some sad news has been released to the NTV News team. Melissa Geiger - former NTV weather anchor Bob Geiger's daughter - passed away last week.

Melissa and Colleen were roommates when I first moved to Kearney in 1997.

She leaves behind her husband Bruce and son Derek.

Tonight's question: We actually have one for you.

It's a favor. If you have a moment - will you go to the NTV's Seth Denney & Colleen Williams Facebook page for two things?

1. Condolences that they can pass along to the family, and if you can include where you are from, we're sure we can show love from all over our wonderful state.

2. When Bob passed away - it was before Facebook. Please share memories of Bob, because we know one day his grandson - Melissa's son - will want to read them. Colleen will print everything out and get it to the family.

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