Hastings murder suspect Mullen moves closer to trial

Deante Mullen appears for a preliminary hearing with his attorney Gregg Neuhaus (NTV News)

A Hastings murder suspect moves closer to trial, as Deante Mullen has waived his right to hear the evidence against him in a lower court.

On the advice of his attorney, the 19-year-old waived his right to a preliminary hearing.

Mullen is one of three people charged in connection with the shooting death of Joey Hansen in September 2017.

Mullen was in court for about five minutes on Tuesday, which was long enough to waive his right to this hearing. Had the hearing been held, the county attorney would have called witnesses to testify, so show there was probable cause a crime had been committed. That's a lower legal standard than the trial court, which has to find evidence beyond a reasonable doubt.

Mullen was represented by defense attorney Gregg Neuhaus.

The county court judge bound Mullen over to the district court. That's where a trial would be held.

Another defendant in the case, Katherine Creigh, was also to appear Tuesday. Her hearing has been continued until next month because her lawyer had a scheduling conflict.

The third suspect, Daniel Harden, previously waived his right to a preliminary hearing.

Mullen and Harden have been charged with first degree murder and use of a firearm. Creigh is accused of being an accessory.

All three have hired their own attorneys.

It's not clear what happened in September. The Hastings police chief previously said the suspects lured Hansen to a meeting place, with plans to rob him.

It's not known who fired the shot, or how it escalated, because court records have been sealed.

As for Deante Mullen, the next step is arraignment in district court, with a trial to follow.

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