Farm accidents rise during fall harvest

Farm accidents rise during fall harvest. (NTV News)

It's harvest time in Nebraska and farmers are eager to get back in the field.

But safety first!

Time is of the essence, there's work to be done, but one paramedic said slow down and keep it safe.

Paramedic James Staab of Kearney Regional Medical Center has seen a lot in his 27 years as a paramedic.

Especially this time of year, farmers in the field don't want to cut corners but are trying to get the work done on time.

More farm accidents occur during the fall than any other time of year - near the combine or in the grain bin.

Paramedics move quickly once they're on the scene, and stats show fatigue plays a big role in causing farm accidents.

It's a big rush to finish harvest and the follow-up tillage before winter, and guys like Staab stay ready at a moments notice.

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