High-tech glasses help legally blind mother see

High-tech glasses help legally blind mother see (NTV News)

Smiling faces, beautiful sunsets - those of us with sight may take them for granted.

But imagine if all that was taken away.

This was reality for Laura Lavaley.

The Doniphan wife and mom started noticing a slow central vision loss in both eyes, and now the 37-year-old is legally blind.

But now, a scientific breakthrough is changing everything.

The family is ecstatic as their mom can finally truly see her sons. She's wearing breakthrough technology called e-sight. They are visor-looking glasses positioned right over the eyes. Developed just recently, a high definition, high-speed camera captures what the user is looking at.

Laura suffers from stargardt macular degeneration and she's legally blind without the glasses. Peripherally she's fine, her central vision though is gone.

Laura just got the glasses days ago, and she can tell it's a game changer. She's ready to watch her kids compete, play games, and deal with everyday life.

Laura's goal now is to get the word out on this technology in order to help others.

The glasses cost about $10,000 dollars.

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