Intense workouts can lead to serious muscle conditions

Intense workouts can leak to serious muscle conditions

A workout injury can have potentially serious effects, and Nebraska football fans are learning all about it.

Called Rhabdomyolysis, two Husker football players suffered from the condition in the last week, ending up in the hospital.

Steve Shultz has served under football great like Bill Walsh at Standford, Dennis Green and Jack Elway.

Now at the University of Nebraska at Kearney, he knows about rhabdo - the workout condition, short-duration, high-intensity exercise, and a breakdown of muscle tissue.

A protein called myoglobin seeps into the blood stream.

Kidneys are unable to filter it out, so urine turns brownish, muscles shut down and athletes become sore.

Ross said it's the soreness and discolored urine that tips off trainers.

IVs are administered and the system get flushed to combat the condition.

In Iowa a few years ago, more than 10 athletes had rhabdo after trying to squat 50 percent of their max 100 times in 15 minutes.

Schultz said it's a difficult balance of wanting to give 100 percent, but there's a cautious way to do it.

Those two players at Nebraska are expected to recover just fine.

It should be noted, not one expert blamed staff at the University of Nebraska for the two injured athletes.

It should also be noted Bill Murphy says he's seen three instances of rhabdo in 25 years at UNK.

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