New Grand Island hospital will include 64 beds, full labor and delivery department

Grand Island Regional Hospital to open early 2020 (NTV).

The Grand Island Regional Hospital broke ground on Thursday, making it the second hospital in town.

It may look like an empty cornfield now, but in just a couple of years, the property off Highway 34 and 281 will become Grand Island Regional Hospital.

Mayor Jeremy Jensen calls the $110 million project a catalyst for people to either move or come south.

“Over 20,000 cars every day bypass our community and right wrong or indifferent, we haven’t gravitated our community to the south far enough to capture all of those folks,” Jensen said.

The state of the art facility is going to be one of a kind. Roger Bullington a Chief Construction said they're working with the best to ensure the best outcome.

"We participated with HDR out of Omaha-the architectural firm that did this and they're the number one healthcare architect in the world and so they brought their industry practices and the best of practice to this facility so it will all be state of the art," Bullington said.

The 174,000 square foot hospital will have 64 beds on the third and fourth floors, while doctors' offices will be on the second floor. While the first floor holds six operating rooms and an OBGYN area.

"We're going to have a full labor and delivery department, post–partum care, surgical suits. It will be basically cradle to grave care," Ryan Crouch, a physician said.

Cradle to grave care is what they're calling it. Meaning they'll be able to provide healthcare to all ages.

"We don't want our patients flocking elsewhere for their care, where the technology is there. We've always had cutting–edge technology, but we're just going to be able to make it available to everyone in the community," Crouch said.

He said its about recreating a culture of care. The hospital even expanding into a hotel.

"Maybe you're coming in to have a procedure done that doesn't quite require hospitalization, but maybe we're not quite comfortable with sending you a hundred miles home, so you can go over and spend a night in the adjoining hotel," Tom Werner, Grand Island Regional Board member said.

They’ve already begun construction on the hospital and hope to open the doors by early 2020.

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