Study: More smokers quit when money is a motivator


Millions of Americans try to kick their smoking habit every year.

Some develop a plan and stick to it, while others say - show me the money. A new study reports smokers respond better to quitting if they're offered cold hard cash.

Brittany Axtell smoked for 10 years until she quit two months ago.

A New England journal of medicine study says smoking cessation products or free electronic cigarettes aren't nearly as effective in smoking cessation as money.

Dr. Scott Ehresman of Holdrege said he always talks to patients who smoke-about quitting.

Not even one percent quit when relying on good old-fashioned encouragement. With Chantix, gum, or patches, about 3 percent quit.

Group 3 had free e-cigarettes as an aid, but still only 4.8 percent quit. Bring in the dollars and look what happens - nearly 10 percent quit smoking.

With the threat that the money would disappear if they didn't quit, a nearly 13 percent quit rate.

Ehreshman said it still all comes down to how much the smoker wants to quit.

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