UNK Goes Tobacco Free


A breath of fresh air - that's what UNK staff and student leaders hope to provide for those on campus after implementing their new Tobacco Free Policy.

"We are all about wanting to promote wellness and health, and this is one step forward in that direction," explains UNK Dean of Students Gilbert Hinga.

Now instead of having multiple ashtrays across campus, students, faculty and visitors alike will have to dispose of their tobacco in designated parking lots.

"It gives you an opportunity to have a place where you can go extinguish it before you walk on campus," Hinga says.

Assistant circulation supervisor Lacey Rogers says she hopes this will cut down on the amount of smoke that filters into the library, telling us: "I am allergic to smoke so this is probably one of the better things that could have ever happened to me."

While opponents of the tobacco free policy may think it inhibits their freedom to light up, some say this may lead to learning opportunities down the road.

"I'm sure they'll get over it after a little while - find better places to do it, and if not, they might just stop," says UNK senior Edmund Knudsen.

"I see this tobacco free policy as a huge indication that we are difference makers, that students are difference makers and they can make a difference," Hinga explains.

School officials say that while no citations will be issued, those caught smoking will be handled under the Student Code of Conduct.

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