Water safety important to prevent the spread of illness

(NTV News)

The forecast says it will be hot holiday weekend, and Nebraskans are hitting their favorite pool, lake or river.

It serves as a good time for some water reminders.

For example, did you know, 1 in 3 swimming related-disease outbreaks occurs at hotels?

Jacob Nieveen is a Kearney high swimming standout and a lifeguard in the summer.

Nieveen brought up good points about swimming safety, and the experts agree.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, a common parasite remains the leading cause of illness from pools.

They remind parents, don't let kids swim while battling things like diarrhea, and don't swallow the water.

One Kearney health professional said to be vigilant around the water and don't ignore important symptoms.

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