City of Hastings looking into railroad tracks complaints

(NTV News)

After receiving multiple complaints from residents, the city of Hastings is addressing its issue of trains stopping on the tracks resulting in backed-up traffic.

Mayor Corey Stutte said that community members have been commenting on his Facebook page about the traffic issues the Burlington Northern trains are causing when they stop in the intersection.

He said they're working with the company to find a solution.

Mayor Stutte said he's encouraging community members to reach out with their concerns and ways the city can solve the train problem.

People are having traffic issues with the trains stopping on the tracks and intersections on A, B, and D streets, as well as Highway 6, but the solution may not be a simple fix.

"Unfortunately what we see happening is these trains will come in and they'll stop there for a while and that's usually due to switching. They've got to flip some switches to go one way or another on the track and then the conductor has to walk all the way back up to the front of the train and that's about a mile, from what I understand. So there's some things we need to work on with Burlington northern," Stutte said.

He said a representative from Burlington-northern flew out to Hastings to discuss the issue and that they'll continue working with them to figure out a solution.

In the meantime, Mayor Stutte is still taking letters from community members until Aug. 18.

He also said Burlington-Northern has hotlines for people to voice concerns as well.

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