Retired University of Nebraska Mathematics Professor enters race for U.S. Senate

Jack Heidel 2018.jpg

Retired University of Nebraska Professor Jack Heidel is putting his experience in mathematics to use – by vowing to work tirelessly to reduce the US national debt.

Heidel will announce his candidacy Wednesday, January 24 at 10 a.m. at a press conference at Thompson Alumni Center on the campus of University of Nebraska Omaha.

According to a press release from Heidel, just a few weeks ago, in December 2017, all of the Senate Republicans, including Nebraska’s Deb Fischer, voted (with the new tax law) to increase the debt by $1 trillion over the next decade. The best features of the new tax law could have been enacted without increasing the debt.

“It was therefore highly irresponsible for elected representatives to make our debt problem worse,” said Heidel. “When they ignore their most basic responsibilities to the people, they need to be challenged in the political process. This is what I am doing.”

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