Sen. Williams tells NTV why he opposes medical marijuana

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    Nebraska State Senator Matt Williams of Gothenburg led the opposition last year against medical cannabis. He said one of his major concerns is that marijuana is considered a Schedule I drug, meaning the federal government considers it highly addictive and has the potential for abuse.

    LB 622 will be heard in committee on Wednesday. It would legalize medical marijuana, but with stricter rules than other states.

    Senator Williams said he would consider supporting cannabidiol, a marijuana extract that takes out THC, the psychoactive part of the drug. He wants more research done to see if it has medicinal value. Right now, the University of Nebraska Medical Center is doing research on CBD oil. Their study will be used to see how CBD oil can treat epilepsy.

    Click Here to hear our interview with Sen. Laura Ebke. She is a co-sponsor of the bill and is chair of the committee the bill needs to go through.

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