10 years since the murder of Kelcey Fike, the investigation continues

Kelcey Fike

Sunday marked a decade since the tragic death of Kearney’s Kelcey Fike, and her killer has yet to be found.

Kearney police and investigators are still working to put the pieces together and say they believe the truth is out there and will eventually come to light.

On June 17, 2008 Kelcey Fike was found in her mobile home, where police say she was brutally murdered before her home was set on fire.

That fire destroyed much of the possible evidence, however, Kearney Police Captain Mike Kirkwood said they still get tips regularly about the case.

"We still get tips every week and we just follow up on them. Obviously, we have not identified a main suspect or person of interest but that day's coming,” said Kirkwood.

Captain Kirkwood said they are still looking over their work from years ago, trying to see new possibilities.

He said they are still working today with multiple investigators on the viable evidence that they do have.

"...That is working on multiple strands of DNA. Being able to separate that and that technology is going to be there in the future, it's just a matter of time,” said Kirkwood.

Captain Kirkwood said Kelcey's mother, Mary Jo, is still searching for answers.

He said the Fike family has remained close to the case, even after Kelcey's father, Randy, passed away nearly a year ago.

"When Randy was alive he was just a great support to us, along with Mary Jo and hopefully we can come to a resolution for their sake,” said Kirkwood.

As far as police are aware, the $30,000 reward that was put in place years ago, is still available for anyone that unmasks the killer.

If you have any information on the case, Kearney police urges you to get in contact with their department or Crimestoppers. Their numbers are listed below.

Kearney Police Department: (308) 237-2104

Crimestoppers: (308) 237-2434

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