$20,000 grant brings health, science camps to rural kids

$20,000 grant brings health, science camps to rural kids. (NTV News)

(NTV) A University of Nebraska at Kearney professor received a $20,000 grant to educate rural youths.

UNK and Rural Futures Institute are teaming up while hosting a camp to teach kids more about health and science.

"And the idea is that we are going to engage a rural community involved in a program in which there is education going on to help this rural community; basically prepare and develop for the future," said Greg Brown, an exercise science professor.

Two UNK students, Tyan Boyer and Collin Fleecs, volunteered and focused on teaching them aquaponics, a system where waste is produced by farmed fish that supply nutrients for plants grown, eventually purifying the water.

"We have assessments that we give them at the beginning of every week and at the end of every week and the improvement is just astronomical," Boyer said.

They hope to lead kids to a brighter future. "So we just try and supplement the information so they can make educated decisions in the future," Fleecs said.

Achelle Brenning, a student who attends the camp, is excited about the topics presented.

"It would be pretty fun to experience how to build a hydroponic and aquaponics system and learn about different health properties," Brenning said.

The students are eager to learn things they have never experienced.

"It would be fun and it turns out that it just helps me know about health a little more," said Abigail nelson, a student.

UNK and Rural Futures Institute hope to use the grant to bring camps to more rural communities.

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