27th Annual Kearney RV and Boat Show held at fairgrounds

Thinking about the great outdoors? You're not alone. A longstanding Kearney event continues to offer ideas for your next adventure.

It's the 27th year for the Kearney RV and Boat show. Show promoters say more kayaks are hitting the market, and there's a lot of growth in RV's.

With that growth comes a surprising new trend for some, but vendors say no matter where people may venture...there's a common theme.

"Increased popularity of RV–ing near home is surprising to me," said Kearney RV and Boat Show producer John Gerber. "Instead of hauling 200–500 miles many people enjoying RV –ing at a lake that's 50 miles from them."

"It brings families together, we see a lot of, for example we sell a lot of bunkhouse floor plans in all sorts of different vehicles," said show vendor Doug Westerberg. "And predominantly bringing the family together so that they can have the enjoyment of the outdoors."

Plans are already being made for next year’s show.

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