4K for Cancer group biking over 4,000 miles stops in Lexington

The YMCA in Lexington provided a place for the bikers to sleep, shower and eat.

A group biking across the country and raising awareness for young people with cancer stopped in Nebraska on Friday.

The group of 23 started in Baltimore, Maryland and recently stopped in Lexington at the YMCA.

The trip is over 4,000 miles.

"You just get used to being tired all of the time. There's never a day where I feel like I'm well rested and ready to go," said Ben Noetzel who is a biker.

Friday marks day 34 out of 70 for the bikers.

The bikers said it does get tiring, but they stay motivated.

"On the days where you feel like giving up, you can sort of think about these people that you are dedicating your day to. And say hey, if they can make it through their chemo therapy or if they can fight for whatever fight that they are fighting, then you can make it through this day. So, that's something that's keeping us all going," said biker Shantell Nolen.

Allyson Hite, one of the riders, had a friend passed away a couple of months ago from cancer. She said the ride hits home for her.

"Whatever way we can give back specifically to young adults, people our own age who are going through such a difficult experience. It's just really rewarding," said Hite.

The bikers do get somewhat of a rest day.

"Usually, we are doing things like making sure our bikes are tuned up, I changed a tire one of those days. There's things that we have to do like laundry and then we do community service, too, those days," said Noetzel.

The YMCA in Lexington played a huge part in their day of relaxation.

The organization had a place for the group to sleep, shower and they provided dinner and breakfast.

Riley Gruntorad, the director at the Y, said they feel privileged to pitch in.

"To be able to help these people and provide that place for them to crash and be here, it's awesome." said Gruntorad.

The bikers said the many days cycling on the roads and waking up at 5 a.m. to peddle for hours to their next location, is all worth it, to support young people like themselves, battling an ugly disease.

Nebraska is their 8th state where the group has stopped.

Friday, they biked about 60 miles to North Platte.

The bikers' trip will end in San Francisco and Seattle.

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