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7-year-old Elm Creek boy gets wish granted

MAY 22, 2023 -{ }7-year-old Elm Creek boy gets wish granted. (Photo Credit: NTV News)
MAY 22, 2023 - 7-year-old Elm Creek boy gets wish granted. (Photo Credit: NTV News)
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Tyger Hillmer loves super heroes.

In fact, it's his dream to meet some of them.

What he doesn't know is that's how the people in his life see him.

“He takes multiple meds and does multiple treatments daily, so he’s done that since he was two weeks old,” said his mom, Andrea Wolak.

His arch nemesis - cystic fibrosis.

“It’s a thick mucus that clogs his lungs, and it can clog the liver and pancreas, it’s a multi-organ disease,” said Wolak.

Since birth, he’s done two treatments a day all while being just like any other kid.

“So bright, so happy, just all the the time. If you’re ever feeling down or anything, you go to Tyger and he brings you right up,” said his principal, Terah Williams.

Like every other kid, he has dreams of meeting his heroes.

“He’s talked about going to Disney for a few years,” said his dad, Tyler Hillmer.

Thanks to his mom, dad and Make-A-Wish Nebraska, his wish is coming true.

He’s going on a six-day vacation in August thanks to the organization.

“It gives you goosebumps when you hear their stories and you give them a special gift and can step back and almost have no worries,” said Make-A-Wish volunteer, Dawn Becker.

“They are the epitome of what you hope the wish families are honestly. They were so appreciative,” said Make-A-Wish volunteer Kristi Gargan.

This wish was a long time coming for eager Tyger.

“We tried to keep it a secret, and he’s been hounding us for a good month," said Wolak.

Though the road to get here hasn’t been easy, Tyger is looking forward to just being a kid.

“He deserves it, to have a week of pure joy,” said Wolak.

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