Adams Central roundabout opens to traffic

Adams Central Roundabout

The new school year brings a real world lesson in engineering, with a new roundabout opening on the Adams Central campus.

“This is something that's all new, first one on a major road in Adams County,” County Supervisor Lee Hogan said.

It's a solution to a problem coming next year, when the new Adams Central Elementary School opens.

Voters approved a $20 million bond issue to build the school. The challenge was finding a way to get traffic flowing smoothly with two schools across the road from each other.

And part of the thinking is to create a campus, allow people to pass from the new elementary school across the street to the high school

Superintendent Shawn Scott said, “We really wanted this to feel like a campus, Adams Central Campus, two sides of the road, the roundabout really makes it feel that way.”

Principal Dave Barrett said they worked with engineers to make sure students and staff can cross the road safely.

If nothing else, administrators say it'll slow people down, especially drivers who used to cruise by at 50 miles an hour.

Barrett said, “In a roundabout way, the roundabout's going to be safer for our kids than what some other things might be.”

Some farmers questioned in grain trucks and combines could pass by. County leaders are confident it'll work.

Hogan said, “We'll address that with the way things are positioned and they'll have no problem going around it with that.”

One farmer popped out with his tape measure, telling us it's wider than he realized.

They're getting it opened a few weeks before school, and a year before the new school.

“Everyone's going to have to get used to it, it'll be fine,” Hogan said.

And video captured by the school's security camera shows even large trailers hauling construction supplies can pass through with ease.

It opens after just 80 days of construction, thanks to a partnership between the city and county.

Scott said, “We got this done in a short amount of time, it's really phenomenal and appreciate everybody working together.”

The school district is paying for the roundabout. The low bid was $394,777 to Diamond Engineering.

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