Adams County woman missing for 16 years, family and investigators need answers

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HASTINGS, Neb. — Marilyn Alexander would be 56 years old on March 14.

It's been 16 years since she went missing in September, 2001.

Marilyn's family and the investigator who is working the case are still trying to figure out what happened.

"Just how easy it is for you to wake up and somebody not be there anymore. It's been tough," said Marilyn's daughter Emilea Sell.

Marilyn's disappearance is something investigators say has been one of their most difficult cases. Almost like a mystery.

"There really wasn't any good information other than some witnesses that claimed to have seen her like weeks or days before she went missing," said Investigator Glenn Kemp with the Adams County Sheriff's Office.

Kemp said there is no activity on her social security number or credit cards. Also, a warrant is still out for Marilyn's arrest for theft.

"And kind of the reason for that is if she's under a assumed name somewhere and she does get contacted by police, they'd be able to run fingerprints and it would come back," Kemp said.

Kemp says the biggest clue came back in the early 2000s when they found Marilyn's car north of Red Cloud. He said that clue led them nowhere.

Her daughter Elizabeth Morris recalls what she remembers when it happened.

"Husband and her ex-husband are the ones who took the car out of there. It hadn't been fingerprinted or anything like that. There were still things in the car," Morris said.

Marilyn's husband, Robert Alexander, is a person her children highly suspected in their mom's disappearance.

"I had seen him drag her up the sidewalk by her hair. I always worried about her," Morris said.

Marilyn's children said they remember him as being abusive. Robert died two years after Marilyn went missing.

"We kind of figured it all died with him. All the secrets unless he had help with something and somebody else comes forward. I don't know that anything would ever be found out,"Sell said.

Robert did take a polygraph test and he passed it completely, according to Investigator Kemp.

"Have people passed polygraphs before that were guilty? From my reading there have been, but not many. Most polygraph examiners get confessions from people before they're ever hooked up to the instrument," said Investigator Kemp.

Other possible leads include female human remains that were found in Texas and Kansas that needed DNA samples.

"I directed them to CODIS which is a data bank that where Marilyn's DNA is kept for comparison by other agencies and it did not come back as a match," Investigator Kemp said.

Marilyn is believed to be last seen in Lincoln.

Call the Adam's County Sheriff's Office at (402) 461-7181 if you have any information.

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