African Children's Choir helps raise funds and awareness about education in Africa

African Children's Choir helps raise funds and awareness about education in Africa. (NTV News)

An international touring group made a stop in Grand Island Sunday night to raise money and awareness about the plight of education thousands of miles away.

19 members of the African Children's choir performed for dozens of people at the Trinity Lutheran Church Sunday evening. They're raising money for their own schooling, but they're also trying to help children in seven African countries, including Uganda, get an education.

Tour officials said while education is required by law there, it is still elusive to many.

"In Uganda is that you have to pay for schooling which for parents who earn less than two dollars a day, education isn't a priority for them," said African Children's choir 47th Tour Leader Keira Carnie. "So these children's education is now going to be paid for for now at age eight all the way to the end of college or university."

"I think it's just being able to know that we are helping children to better themselves who sometimes are so underprivileged and don't have a chance to help them better themselves," said Trinity Lutheran Church's family life ministries director Eunice McCarty. "And therefore, like I said earlier they can better their country and help other people."

52,000 children have attended school over the past 30 years of the organization.

Contact information for the organization can be found at:

African Children's Choir c/o Music for Life Institute

PO BOX 29690

Bellingham WA 98228-1690


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