Alcott Elementary re-opens after two years of renovations

Alcott Elementary re-opens after two years of renovations (NTV News)

Students are getting ready to go back to school and many are excited for new friends and teachers.

However, some students in the Hastings area are excited for newly renovated classrooms.

Alcott Elementary closed for two years for major renovations and has officially re–opened.

It was a grand open house. With a community cook out, tours and a ribbon cutting to showcase the new renovations.

Alcott’s newest principal, Charla Brant, said she is thankful the community voted for the bond issue that allowed renovations.

"The top things are right where we're standing here. We have a beautiful new cafeteria and community center. We have three new large kindergarten spaces for all of our kindergarten classes and then every room has been remodeled,” said Brant.

Students and parents flooded the hallways to check out just how much everything has changed.

Eighth grader, Carson Murray, reminisced on his younger days at school.

"The lunch room and the gymnasium is awesome. It's amazing to just look at all the old memories and the new ones that are going to start,” said Murray.

Other students that are coming back to a newer looking school tell NTV News what upgrades they like most.

"I like that it looks a lot better. I like that they changed the flooring, everything,” said fourth grader, Wyatt Nation.

"I’m mostly excited for my new teacher and all the lockers and stuff because I’ve never really been in a locker before,” said fifth grader, Elizabeth Larsen.

One thing the old Alcott lacked was lockers.

Principal Brant said the improvements will make the school safer for students and help boost academic progress.

"I just hope that everyone can come together and that we are able to give our students a lot of new educational opportunities and that everyone will be refreshed by the new building and we'll just continue to grow and move forward with the Alcott community,” said Brant.

Students and teachers will make their way into the newly renovated building for the start of the new school year on Thursday.

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