Allmand Brothers adds nearly 30 jobs in company expansion

Allmand Brothers jobs open in company expansion (NTV News)

Allmand Brothers in Holdrege is expanding their business, bringing more jobs to the area.

Due to longer lead times, the company has decided to add weekend shifts. The company plans on hiring a total of nearly 30 new employees for positions that include welding, painting and material handling. Operations Manager, Jim Kaplinski, showed NTV News around the facility on Thursday and said their light products are their most popular products. However, it is not sales they are having an issue with- it is getting the product to the customer in a reasonable time.

"Our customers really expect us to ship within three weeks, we were experiencing six weeks or longer,” said Kaplinski.

With lead times running slower, employees have had to pick up extra work with huge amounts of overtime. These new shifts will get those employees back to 48 hours a week, instead of the 68 hours many were working.

"A lot of them are excited because they're gonna have the opportunity to improve their family life, they're gonna be able to spend more time with their kids or if they're on the farm they'll be able to take care of their animals or, but their quality of life will greatly improve,” said Kaplinski.

Kaplinski said the community has been equally excited and that through their growth, they have been able to give back.

"Recently just donated $5,000 to the high school to upgrade their welding and CAD stations at the high school,” said Kaplinski.

Kaplinski has been with the Allmand Brothers for under a year and said the company has really become a tight knit group.

"It's been a really exciting opportunity and the entire team has really embraced the growth and they're all putting forth all the extra hours needed to make it successful,” said Kaplinski.

The company sees this expansion as just the beginning.

"We still maintain a lot of flexibility so as we continue to grow, we can now then add shifts to the evening which will further our growth,” said Kaplinski.

Possible evening shifts are not the only future addition. The company also has plans to bring a new product to a trade show later to come. Until then, that product is being kept secret.

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