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Apple Acre Orchards prepares for upcoming weather

Apple Acres Orchard in Kearney (NTV News)
Apple Acres Orchard in Kearney (NTV News)
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Many pumpkin patches in central Nebraska are closed following the 2019 spring and summer serve weather, and one apple orchard said they weren't impacted during that time.

Now, Apple Acre Orchards outside Riverdale said last week they were hit badly by hail, ruining about 50 percent of their remaining crop.

They have been preparing for the upcoming forecast frost.

According to Keith Nuttleman, "It takes a pretty hard frost to damage the fruit and as long as it's not carrying any frost when you pick it they will thaw out on the tree and be okay.

"Their storage life is diminished but we basically have a current product so people will fine."

Nuttleman is hoping the frost only hits about 28 degrees and warms up in the mornings. If so, he said the apples will be spared, otherwise, they could all be ruined.

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