Auction held to sell what remains at old Herbergers location

Auction held to sell what remains at old Herbergers location (NTV News)

Copier machines, glass display cases, tens of thousands of coat hangers and even an old candy machine were just a few of the items up for auction this morning as the final liquidation sale of Herberger's looks to clear out the space the old store occupied.

Not necessarily items your typical auction goer would look for, many of the items were old store fixtures and furniture that would be appealing more to owners of small businesses or hobbyists.

While there are some specialty items, the auctioneers running the show at Herberger's said there was already lots of interest shown online for certain items and were confident they would be able to clear the store today.

"There are a couple of nice copy machines that are several thousand dollars and there are still here to sell so I expect that to go pretty good. There are still plenty of clothing racks any store that's looking to get into clothing, fashion boutiques or anything like that I expect those to go pretty well. We have display cases that are back by the make up counters and make up counters that could be used for anything," said Adam Marshall.

It wasn't just a chance to buy specialty store fixtures that bought buyers in, but the chance to also save a lot of money when buying them.

"We do have some stores that specialize in buying retail fixtures and we expect some of them to come and probably buy a majority of the items here. Anybody that has a store front, that has a retail store maybe downtown here in town or a new retail store they could save hundreds of thousands of dollars buy stuff here today if they could use it," said Marshall.

That chance for a good deal is what brought Angelia Upthagrove to the auction from Holdrege. She attends many auctions looking for savings on unique items and says every one has the potential for a great deal.

"There is just so many I mean every auction is different. Some auctions you are gonna pay an arm and a leg for something some auctions you get lucky and you pay a dollar for everything," said Upthagrove.

There was a good crowd at today's auction and Adam Marshall and his auction team were confident the store would be cleared so that a new business could potentially take its place, and according to management at hilltop mall an unnamed business has already signed a letter of intent to rent the location.

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