Aurora preparing for thousands for eclipse viewing

Edgerton Explorit Center, Mad Scientist, Jessica Brock, explaining total solar eclipse (NTV).

August 21 is right around the corner and everyone is trying to find the best spot to see the total solar eclipse.

The city of Aurora is even offering camping on their fairgrounds to get people to come out.

"We're going to make it an event in Aurora, Nebraska," Jayne Mann, of the Aurora Eclipse Planning Board, said.

A total solar eclipse is a true rarity. This time, Nebraska is in its path of totality.

Event planners in aurora have been gearing up to make their eclipse viewing activities the best they can. They’re even allowing people to pitch tents at their fair grounds.

"Well out at our fairgrounds you can camp self–contained for little or nothing. I think maybe $10 or $15. No day limit," Mann said.

The viewing party will take place at the Leadership Center in Aurora. The center is able to hold up to 5,000 people and they’re preparing for that many.

The Edgerton Explorit Center is teaming up with the Leadership Center and they'll be busing people to the viewing party.

They’ll also have an astronomer on hand who has seen a total solar eclipse before to give a play-by-play during the event.

"We have somebody who knows what he's talking about, who this is not his first eclipse. For anyone who likes photography, likes video and wants to get video, this is a man who can explain what to do and how to do it," Jessica Brock, Mad Scientist at Edgerton Explorit Center, said.

After seeing the eclipse, for those who are still confused about what they just saw, scientists will be standing by to explain it.

"We have a portable planetarium that we can bring out to places, where it's like a big blow–up igloo. You can see the night sky inside and we can show it to you again in slower motion and answer questions as we go through because we want people to understand. We want them to learn and realize what a cool thing you just witnessed," Brock said.

Still haven't made up your mind?

"We think Aurora is a great spot to be. We are close to the interstate; we don't have the hub–bub of the big cities. Come and enjoy the weekend in Aurora," Mann said.

The Edgerton Center said they’ve already given out 30,000 pairs of eclipse glasses and have run out, but local visitors bureaus may have more.

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