Authorities say police impersonator searched woman in traffic stop


An early-morning traffic incident may be the work of a police impersonator, according to the Seward and York County Sheriff's Offices.

Police said a Seward County resident was on her way to work near York when she reported that a dark colored vehicle with emergency lights signaled for her to stop along I-80 about three miles east of York at 5 a.m. Wednesday.

The woman told York Sheriff Dale Radcliff that a male dressed in a dark green colored uniform with a dark ball cap approached her after activating overhead emergency lights on a dark colored SUV. She said the male stated she was acting suspicious and wanted to know if she was working at a York Interchange Motel.

Police said the impersonator ordered the female from her car and after conducting a search allowed her to leave the scene. No citation or warning was issued nor was the motorist asked for her driver's license or vehicle documentation.

Sheriff Radcliff contacted Seward Sheriff Joe Yocum who determined that no Seward County deputy was in the area of the incident at the time. Sheriff Yocum checked with Nebraska State Patrol officials and Nebraska Game and Parks officials and determined none were working in the area of the incident at the time. Sheriff Radcliff checked with Grand Island State Patrol and also determined no "C Troop" personnel were in the area at the time either.

Sheriff Yocum wants Seward County citizens to be aware that if they are being followed by a vehicle and they are unsure if the vehicle is a law enforcement emergency vehicle to call 911 and let the dispatcher know their location and vehicle identification to check to determine if a sworn officer is attempting to contact them. Dispatchers can check where on-duty deputies or police officers are and can advise the nearest unit if there appears to be an impersonator attempting to stop them. If the motorist is unable to contact 911 dispatchers, Sheriff Yocum recommends the motorist drive at a normal speed to the nearest high visibility area where witnesses are present before stopping. Seward County Sheriff Office personnel will be monitoring the area of the latest incident and will be monitoring traffic in the area for any suspicious vehicles or individuals that may be impersonating law enforcement.

If you have any information regarding this police impersonation case, please contact the York County Sheriff's Office at 402-362-4927, the Seward County Sheriff's Office at 402-643-4578 or the Nebraska State Patrol at 402-471-4545.

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