Axtell Community Fund for the future

Axtell Community Fund for the future (NTV News)

Community members are getting together to boost their small town's economy. People in Axtell are working on a fund they say would go directly into the town and its future. Its named the Axtell Community Fund and it began when a few people in Axtell realized their town needed to grow.

The fund has partnered with the Nebraska Community Foundation, which has helped many towns, small and large, come together and raise money.

Deb Lundeen, the Vice President of the Axtell Community Fund, said this fund is for the future.

"We’re entering, in the next few years, the greatest intergenerational transfer of wealth known in the history of mankind, meaning there's going to be a lot of money transferred between one generation to the next,” said Lundeen.

Lundeen said it is the ACF’s goal to retain a small portion of that transfer to put back into the community.

"We are very fortunate in Axtell, we have a fabulous library, we've got a wonderful new swimming pool with a zero entry splash kind of area. We've got a walking trail that goes out around a pond that one can fish from,” said Lundeen.

However, Lundeen said people are always looking for more. After a public meeting in September, they got a better sense of what many want to see.

"Inclusive playground equipment... what does that look like for kids that are handicapped? Providing more indoor recreational opportunities,” said Lundeen.

Other ideas include enhanced school buildings and library additions.

Dudley Nelson, the ACF Treasurer, said he thinks about his children and the opportunities they would want.

"Maybe keep, keep people from leaving and moving away from Axtell if they have an opportunity. If we can create a job somewhere for them, something like that is kind of what we're hoping for,” said Nelson.

This fund has officially been open since May 2017, and they have had a small amount of donations, but not quite enough to start a project. They are looking into endowments and a founders club.

"There will be other smaller fundraisers along the way but we definitely are trying to identify and promote ourselves as a place for people to give to, to enhance the quality of living in this community,” said Lundeen.

The group has a meeting on March 14th where they will decide on the next public meeting, open to anyone interested in hearing more.

If you would like to donate to the fund, you can send an amount to P.O. Box 74 Axtell, Nebraska 68924.

If you’d like to get involved in the group, you can contact Dudley or Deb on the Axtell Community Fund Facebook Page.

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