98-year-old man baking out of love

A 98-year-old baker says love is the secret to good baking. (NTV News)

People who do things for the greater good are sometimes hard to come by.

For 98-year-old Leo Keller from Hastings, he enjoys keeping himself busy in the kitchen.

It's something he picked up after losing a loved one.

"After I lost my wife I didn't know what to do so I said well I can bake, so I started baking," said Leo Kellner, 98-year-old baker.

Kellner started baking cakes and pies when his wife passed away after 72-years of marriage.

The first year he started baking he says he made 144 apple pies, and the second year he incorporated cakes.

"I love eating. Let’s put it that way. I love sweets," said Kellner.

Everything Leo makes he gives away for free.

He's bakes for the sick, widows and even funeral receptions.

"To see the smile on their face. That's worth all the money in the world. Nobody can buy that. That smile means so much to me," said Kellner.

Leo was the baby in his family for 13 years.

He liked to watch his mom bake, that is where he said he picked up the skill.

Sitting around is not an option for him.

He likes to keep himself busy.

"If I don't do something every day I don't feel right," said Kellner.

Once he is done with the first few steps, the sweet goodness goes into this oven.

His wife picked it out when they moved in their Hastings home 62 years ago.

Leo even has a secret ingredient.

"Everything I do I do it with love. That's my secret ingredient is love," said Kellner.

He makes pies for people who are diabetic that is filled with fruit and no sugar.

His caregiver even helps him a little.

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