Best first day of school for Broken Bow students

Best first day of school for Broken Bow students

Many students across Nebraska headed back to school Thursday, but Broken Bow Public Schools made sure their kids had the best first day ever.

“I enjoyed all the stuff they did. That was funny, but I didn’t enjoy it too much. But it was better than classes,” said Broken Bow High School student Deestry Hillbrand.

“I think that was a very good idea to get things going. We usually never do bouncy houses or inflatables or snow cones,” said 7th grade student Taylor Altig.

The district hosting a pep rally for elementary through high school students, where teachers and staff participated in a lip synch competition and athletes had the chance to perform some dances as well.

“Usually you come in, get your lockers, meet your teachers, everyone really isn’t excited to be here. But today everyone was here, ready to have some fun and it seemed like it went down very well,” said high school biology teacher Kurt Altig.

This idea brought on by the district’s newest superintendent Darren Tobey.

“At my previous school district, 5 years ago, we thought we just sit in a classroom and listen to procedures, so we wanted to make it as fun of an atmosphere as we could. So we want children to know that learning can be fun and that’s what we want to send the kids home with today,” Tobey said.

This was an opportunity for teachers and staff to get to show students another side.

One that can hopefully show the kids they’re just people too and educators ready to change their lives.

“It was funny. You can see that they’re not as strict as they are in school and they have a fun side to themselves,” Schaaf said.

Toby says he’s happy on how things turned out and can’t wait to continue this in the years to come.

NTV wants to see your back to school photos sent into and you can check out other people's first day of school too.

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