Bill introduced to ban teenagers from tanning beds set to be discussed in legislature

Tanning Bed (MGN)

Teenagers under 18 would not be allowed to use tanning beds, under a bill set to be debated by the full legislature on Tuesday.

The bill was introduced by state Sen. Anna Wishart and has two co-sponsors.

Under current law, teenagers 16 and older can use tanning beds without adult permission.

Under the new proposal, kids would be barred from using tanning beds if they're under 18, even with adult permission.

Sen. Rick Kolowski made this his priority bill this year.

Kolowski said as a high school principal he saw too many kids go tanning and then get skin cancer later in life. He has prioritized the bill.

The bill would not allow teens to use sunlamps, tanning booths, or tanning beds, but people under the age of 18 would still be able to get a spray or artificial tan.

Those who own or operate tanning salons could be fined for underage use.

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