Bill proposal would give counties more power to impose sales taxes

Bill proposal would give counties more power to impose sales taxes (NTV News)

You could soon be paying more in sales taxes if a bill introduced in the Nebraska Legislature passes.

Senator Burke Harr of Omaha introduced LB884 that would give counties more power to levy a sales tax.

Right now counties can impose a sales tax of half-a-percent, 1 percent or 1 and a half percent on any cities that don't already have a local sales tax.

This bill would allow counties to impose a sales tax on cities that already have a local sales tax.

The bill would also broaden the criteria that counties can use to determine if a county sales tax is needed. If passed, counties could levy a sales tax for economic development, manufacturing or industrial site development.

The bill's language says economic development means "encouraging immigration, new industries, and investment and conducting a publicity campaign, including a publicity campaign conducted for the purpose of exploiting and advertising the various agricultural, horticultural, manufacturing, commercial, and other resources of the county."

Manufacturing or industrial site development means "developing sites to be used for manufacturing or industrial purposes, including the costs of site improvements such as drainage, water, storm and sanitary sewers, grading, streets, and other facilities and structures incidental to the use of such sites for manufacturing or industrial purposes."

Harr said if the bill passes, voters would have to approve any tax proposal.

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