Book signing highlights popularity of self published authors

Book signing highlights popularity of self published authors (NTV News)

An event to highlight lots of local talent, Susan's Books and Gifts in Aurora hosted an event where Nebraska authors can come together and share their stories, many of which made it to print through self publishing.

Susan Williams has owned and operated Susan's Books and Gifts in Aurora for 17 years and has always been looking for ways to highlight local authors.

"We have had our store open for 17 years, and we have had authors come in over the different years and we realized they had not connected with each other," said Williams.

To make that connection, Susan now hosts annual events to bring together Nebraska authors—exposing them to each other and their readers.

In recent years, many of these authors have been self published.

For authors like Hastings' Kent Theesen, who recently finished a book sharing his experiences with celebrities he met in his broadcasting career, self publishing allowed him to tell his stories in his own way.

"I think the thing about being a self published author is the fact that you don't have to rely on somebody telling you where you need to go, what you need to do, how you have to act. I'm just Kent Theesen from Hastings, Nebraska, small town kid that is sharing my stories and my life," said Theesen.

Traditionally, publishers would decide what subject matter would appeal to readers, but with self publishing authors can produce work for niche audiences.

"No, I would not have, I tried to pitch to publishers back when I had some fiction books and it was hard. This way this is a very much niche book this one is about my experience writing haiku, a publisher is probably not gonna be interested in this, but I have had pretty good success especially with this one, a lot of people love this book," said Lincoln Author Marcia Claesson.

There are some challenges when choosing self publishing over a traditional route, ones that are familiar to veteran authors like Monty McCord of Hastings.

"The only downfall is so many self published authors don't edit, they think they can edit it themselves and that's a big mistake, especially with the subjects they cover," said McCord.

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