Small bug with a mighty bite benefits local crops

pirate bug.JPG

They're called minute pirate bugs.

Minute because they're small and pirate because, while they don't have swords, they will impale you with their beak and they hurt.

Experts say bug spray won't work but using baby oil and wearing long sleeves will help.

While these bugs have a painful bite they are a useful insect.

"They can bite you and that can be painful, but they are quite beneficial in that they eat all kinds of insects that are out in the fields that are bothering our crops, bothering our vegetables. So reality is they're good to have -- we just don't want them biting us," said Ron Seymour, UNL Extension educator.

The bugs are out now, displaced by harvest. They're searching for ground cover as those left out in the cold will not make it come the first frost.

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