Cairo school finds "New Hope" with plans for new building

New Hope Christian School invited State Sen. Steve Halloran to offer a math lesson (NTV News)

A small school with a big vision gets creative to reach its goal of a new building.

New Hope Christian School in Cairo has big plans.

School Board President Scott Reynolds said, “We've been in talks by the city to put a school up by the community center they have in town, and do some sort of land swap with them.”

The school has a 40-year history, and Reynolds said they’ve outgrown the building.

On Tuesday, Sen. Steve Halloran visited, and gave a math class. He also encourages the community to do the math.

“This is a fun group of kids and fun instructors. They have a vision for what education is for their children and they’re fulfilling that mission and I’m very happy for them,” he said.

The school has a former public school modular building with two classrooms, plus makes use of a funeral home next door.

“Taking over the Apfel Funeral Home for we call it New Hope North,” Scott Reynolds said with a laugh.

They expect enrollment to grow close to 40, which isn’t big for some schools, but is for them. And they have families from several communities including Grand Island who are part of the school.

Reynolds said there’s a large kindergarten class coming, most of them boys.

“Keep that teacher in mind next year,” Reynolds said with a chuckle.

Parents say the setup is less than ideal.

Tyler Hulme said, “Security is a big thing. They're walking between classrooms all the time to get here and get there, do lunch and recess there, come here for chapel and things.”

Plus they lack a storm shelter. Building next to the Cairo Community Center would give them access to that and a gym.

With a 60 by 80 steel building in mind to call their own.

Hulme said, “It's going to have 3 classrooms and a teacher's lounge. Right now we don't have that, better facilities for restrooms and stuff.”

Parents see a need for Christian education in the community.

Hulme said, “You get to see the smaller setting in the classroom that really help students do really well once they move on to bigger schools.”

And as Senator Halloran reminded them, they have to do it without tax dollars, and have no specific denomination supporting them.

So they hope the community gets behind them so they can build a $350,000 dollar building debt-free.

“Definitely our dream project right now,” Hulme said.

With enrollment looking good, Reynolds said the plans they’re excited.

“It's cool to see how God works,” he said.

the village office confirms there's been discussions of a land swap, but nothing has been finalized.

Supporters of New Hope Christian School are using the Go Big Give day of giving on May 3 to try to raise enough money to purchase the “shell’ for their building, so they can raise the remaining funds next year and break ground in 2019.

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