Caught on video: Man holds up traffic, damages vehicles in Grand Island

    (Courtesy) NTV News

    A man is in custody after police say he held up traffic, climbing and damaging vehicles in Grand Island.

    The man's out-of-control antics were caught on video Friday afternoon in the 2000 block of Highway 30.

    The Grand Island Police Department said Salvador Gonzalez, 32, of Grand Island walked into traffic and hit the hood of a Toyota Pruis, causing $1,500 in damage.

    Officers said he then climbed the side of a stock trailer and threw items at the confined cattle.

    Police said he continued to scream incoherently as he damaged the top of the semitrailer and its antenna, totaling $5,000 in damage.

    Salvador was arrested on suspicion of criminal mischief, disturbing the peace and interfering with the flow of traffic.

    He was taken to the hospital to be medically cleared before being taken to the Hall County Jail.

    Police say they believe the outburst was fueled by drugs, likely methamphetamine.

    (Hall County Jail)

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