Central Nebraska communities celebrate National Adoption Day

    Central Nebraska communities celebrate National Adoption Day (NTV News)

    Several communities across Nebraska are giving families an extra opportunity to create new memories together.

    It's National Adoption Day.

    Saturday's event celebrated adoptions in the Kearney area in 2018, with 27 children being adopted out of the foster care system throughout this year.

    Officials from Nebraska's Department of Health and Human Services say while it's the focus to reunify families when possible, sometimes that can't happen.

    They and new adoptive parents say it's great to see everyone get together.

    "It's just nice seeing other kids and families here today who are in the same situation and how happy everybody is, it's just nice to see," said Scott Johnson, a newly adoptive parent.

    "I think children that have been in the foster care system go through a grieving process when it comes to adoption because they do have a loss of the biological family. Just bringing everybody together and seeing the joy in adoption is a good thing for the families and the kids to just enjoy today," said Nicole Hersh, the Children and Family Services supervisor for the DHHS.

    Similar events were held today in Hastings, Grand Island, and Norfolk.

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