Central Nebraska Humane Society addresses controversy, changes

Central Nebraska Humane Society addresses controversy, big change was needed (NTV News)

The board president for the Central Nebraska Humane Society Jill Hornady spoke with NTV after community members had previously protested parts of a new policy that protesters said would increase the use of euthanasia to make room for new animals.

The president said euthanasia was not their focus. However, this issue is felt by animal rescuers and the public. NTV spoke with several who are grieving the old management but after talking to the president of the board, she said the shelter was being pushed to the edge of stagnancy and needed major changes that only a new management could do.

It's a Facebook post that turned into a protest and now, what some call "unfair" termination of several staff members.

This instigated nearly two thousand more people to sign a petition over the weekend to change the current board at Central Nebraska Humane Society.

People are upset, but it could be for the wrong reason, according to the board.

"Our focus is not on euthanasia. I think that got misconstrued," said Hornady.

Some previous staff felt the tension.

"Jill Hornady and the executive committee have turned the CNHS into a hostile working environment," said former employee Mitch Meyer.

"When I took over, I didn't realize how frightening that would be for some people that there is new management. I think that maybe I did not get my message out clearly enough with all the good things that we are planning on doing,"Hornady said.

Hornady said their focus was taking care of the facility, as it was getting unsafe for animals and staff.

Hornady said the previous board was noble. They tried to save all the animals.

"You have a lifeboat full of people you can save them, you put too many people in a lifeboat and everybody goes down," said Hornady.

Since the arrival of the current board three months ago,Hornady said many improvements have been made including: purchasing a new HVAC system that had been neglected for 10 years and paying off the previous board's debt, and adding new staff - like a social media marketer to reach future adopters online.

"We're really trying to move animals out the front door. That's our whole goal," Hornady said, on trying get adoption rates up.

With the previous board, Hornady said the shelter, at some points in time, couldn't afford to take in more animals that needed a shelter, but now with these big changes, they may actualize an open door policy.

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