Central Nebraska Humane Society announces restructuring of board, staff

    Central Nebraska Humane Society

    The Central Nebraska Humane Society in Grand Island has announced the restructuring of both the board and staff, the first being the announcement of former Executive Director Laurie Dethloff returning.

    According to a press release from CNHS, former executive director Laurie Dethloff has been asked to come back in a consulting capacity to help "create a shelter that central Nebraskans can once again be proud of."

    Gail Yenny a long time CNHS board member and former chair says she will resume her role as board chair of the operations board.

    “The changes are necessary to bring the Humane Society back to its once outstanding community reputation," Yenny said. "To that end, one of the board’s first moves was to ask former executive director Laurie Dethloff back in a consulting capacity to assist us in righting the ship.”

    “Dethloff has proven herself as an outstanding leader, and was charged with running the Humane Society during its most successful years, until the board changed direction a year ago,” Yenny said, “So our first step was to put the linchpin back in place and Laurie is that linchpin—there is no one more dedicated to the CNHS and more importantly to the animals they care for every day.”

    According to a press release, Connie Swanson with Connie Swanson Photography and Shaun Schleif with Partnership Marketing are new members to the board. Yenny with T-Shirt Engineers, Chris Schager with Grand Island Abstract and Jill Hornady, community volunteer have returned to the CNHS board having served previously. Hornady will also chair the CNHS Foundation board.

    “This is the first step in recreating a shelter, where the employees and management are undaunted in their quest to provide for the care of and find homes for the many animals that pass through our doors each year. They are professionals that know what they’re doing,” Yenny said, “Our job as a board is for oversight and to establish policy—none of us are qualified, nor do we want to involve ourselves in the day to day operation of the shelter. To help even further, we’ve reduced the size of the board to a more manageable level.”

    “Supporters and donors can rest assured that the organization in which they gave of their resources, time and talent for so many years is back on level ground and is once again in need of their support. There are great things happeningwith more good news to come,” said Yenny.

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